Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Look, A Band - Messenger Down

I have been somewhat aware of these guys for a while. I found them on t'internet a while back, and I gave them a listen. I don't remember what I heard, but I must've liked it, because they've made it onto my list of new bands that I'm looking at.
They're an act from North Carolina, consisting of Garrett Foster (vocals), Connor Vogt (guitar), Nick Atwell (bass), and Bryan Scercy (drums), who apparently vary between a range of sounds from hardcore to indie. They're currently working on an eight-track record, The Gentlemen's Guide To Keeping Away From People Like You, which is due out sometime soon over bandcamp and iTunes, with a possible physical release as well.

They're definitely good. Quite melodic, and there's a lot of feeling in their songs. Timing is perhaps something they need to work on though in one or two tracks, because they get a bit out of sync from time to time. A Lie For A Lie (Make Up Your Mind Before I Have To Do This For You) is awesome, and the video is below:
A Lie For A Lie (Make Up Your Mind Before I Have To Do This For You)

A Toast To Someday is quite Fall Out Boy-ish to me, and probably my second favourite of their four available singles and their cover of Panic! At The Disco's The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage - it's a brilliant cover, and I don't usually like covers. Plus it's an awesome song to begin with. My favourite one of their singles happens to be a Christmas song, Come For Christmas, Stay Forever, which automatically means +1 to them, and an extra +10 because it strongly appeals to my Angsty Songs At Christmas thing, and another +5 because it's more in sync than some of the other songs. It's only a little problem, and easily correctable, but one that starts to grate quite quickly.

I do like that they're creative with their music though - there's a bit of piano in there, a bit of an instrument I'm going to say is a violin but I'm not sure (basically everything in the strings section that's not guitar or bass is a violin to me), which is a refreshing change from the normal vocals+guitar+bass+drums formula. I know it works, but sometimes it's nice to switch it about, and Messenger Down have done it properly, and they make full use of the fact that Garrett has an amazing voice.
Interestingly enough, they would like to play at the Vans Warped Tour 2013, and really, I think it would be very nice of you to vote for them, because they're actually pretty good.

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